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We at Röchling Medical develop and produce pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions, components and delivery systems for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications (e.g. oral, nasal, parenteral, transdermal, ophthalmic, pulmonary) as well as application aids and system solutions for the simple and safe dosing and administration of drugs.

Pharmaceutical primary packaging and drug delivery systems

Demographic change and rising costs are presenting the healthcare sector with a challenge: It has to develop treatment concepts that are increasingly tailored to patients. We are getting older and older, and the growing “silver market” is increasing both the demand for and the demands placed on the patient-friendliness of pharmaceutical primary packaging. Innovative packaging solutions and drug delivery systems play an important role here.

In our view, pharmaceutical primary packaging is more than just a container – it is a strategic tool for successful treatment. We therefore constantly optimize our products to ensure that they can be used as easily and safely as possible by all age groups. 

Senior-friendly and childproof: packaging optimized for the user

Even small changes can make a difference when it comes to improving patient safety and ease of use. For example, we have adapted our eye dropper bottles so that the tamper-evident ring is unable to slip down. This prevents contamination of the dropper tip as well as eye injuries and improves the dosing accuracy considerably.

The way drugs are administered also plays an important role in paediatrics: It is often difficult to orally administer the correct amount of medicine to children accurately and safely. That is why multiparticulate drugs have been developed. These small multi-layered spheres, about the size of a salt crystal, are coated with a layer that neutralizes their taste. With Sympfiny®, Röchling has developed a system for the administration of these drugs. It consists of a storage container and a custom-designed oral syringe to withdraw and administer the medication.

(Self-)delivery systems – in perfect symbiosis with the drug

The growing trend for self-administration, especially when it comes to chronic diseases, is reflected in the development of combination products where the drug formulation and packaging (or device) form a symbiotic relationship – like inhalers, for example.

The perfect integration of packaging and medication is crucial to optimally support patient compliance. 

For example, Röchling Medical manufactures multi-layer drug containers (using the co-extrusion blow molding process) that are used in certain inhalers. A collapsing pouch in a rigid outer container ensures that the active ingredient is optimally protected against environmental influences right up to its correct administration. The container also minimizes the amount of residual medication that goes to waste.

Cost-efficient standard solutions

For reasons of cost efficiency and process optimization, more and more customers prefer standard packaging systems. Our standard range of platform solutions includes packaging and systems that can be adapted to different requirements (size, type of medication, etc.) – for example, our flexibly configurable, childproof yet senior-friendly closures.

Smart packaging: extended functionality through integrated technologies

The use of technological components – including electronic ones – offers new opportunities for track & trace solutions designed to meet regulatory requirements, optimize the supply chain and protect against tampering.

For these applications, Röchling Medical has developed intelligent modules that are integrated into the primary packaging to help patients take their medication correctly, for example through speech recognition, or to link containers with their closures in a tamper-proof manner via RFID.  

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