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As a systems supplier, Röchling Medical offers its customers one-stop shopping. Our controlled clean-room environments and wide range of processing technologies enable us to provide you with high-quality, near-sterile product manufacturing, assembly and packaging. Co-extrusion is becoming increasingly important for this purpose, in response to pharmaceutical products’ increasing sensitivity.

The term co-extrusion refers to combining plastic melts with like or unlike properties, which makes it possible to create layered structures involving layers with differing material properties. This procedure can be used to manufacture combinations with special mechanical, optical or barrier properties.

Röchling Medical offers co-extrusion combining anywhere between two and six layers.



  • Storing aggressive filling materials (e.g., hazardous materials)
  • Improved water-vapor barriers (moisture-sensitive substances)


  • Improved barrier properties compared to monomaterials
  • Allows individual layers with different colorations (e.g., UV protection or company-specific color aspects)
  • Placing barriers in the middle ensures that they do not touch products