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    Our decades of experience in plastics extrusion make us a key partner to the pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and life sciences industries. Continually developing and improving its extrusion blow molding technologies has helped Röchling Medical establish itself as one of the leading providers to the pharmaceutical industry in this regard. Extrusion blow molding makes it possible to realize extreme shapes and designs efficiently. It is one of Röchling Medical’s most important core technologies.

    In extrusion blow molding, the plastic is continually melted and then extruded through a shaping nozzle to form a hollow tube (a parison). The parison is then molded into shape and cooled.

    Extrusion blow molding is an efficient method of producing smaller quantities of containers with volumes ranging from 5 ml (eye droppers) to 5,000 ml (canisters). All of our production lines include camera and leakage inspections to help us maintain the highest standards of quality.

    Other characteristics of extrusion blow molding include:

    • Container sizes: 5 ml - 5000 ml
    • Materials: PE, PP, PC, PA, EVOH
    • Co-extrusion allows combinations of different materials
    • Especially suitable for extreme shapes and functional elements


    • Material mixed, melted, and fed in continuously
    • Plastic extruded through parison die to form a tube
    • Tube (parison) blow-molded into the correct shape and then cooled
    • Excess material die-cut from neck and bottom / Article checked for leaks


    • Allows extreme geometries
    • Targeted wall thickness distribution
    • Allows large bodied containers with small openings
    • Allows openings significantly offset to center
    • Low tool costs