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    When searching for an experienced, precise, high-quality systems supplier of plastic primary packaging solutions, Röchling Medical is the right partner for you. Injection blow molding is an important technique used to manufacture highly precise containers. Röchling Medical has special expertise in this field, and continually develops and improves its technology and processes to fulfill your expectations and requests.

    Injection blow molding is a method of manufacturing seamless, ready-to-use containers with precise neck and sealing areas and uniform wall thickness. Injection blow molding involves a combination of injection and blowing processes, performed by a single machine. All of our production lines include camera and leakage inspections to help us maintain the highest standards of quality.

    Other characteristics of injection blow molding include:

    • Container sizes: 2 ml - 1,000 ml
    • Materials: PE, PP, PET, COP, COC
    • Clean, waste-free production
    • Especially precise neck dimensioning


    Station 1: Preform injection molded.

    Station 2: Preform blow-molded.

    Station 3: Product stripped off / ejected