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Metal Processing
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  • Metal Processing

    Metal processing is a core expertise offered by Röchling Medical for those OEMs looking for custom metal applications.

    The responsive and agile technical team at Röchling Medical is well versed in the development of custom needles, cannula along with non-tubular devices. Röchling Medical offers a complete range of integrated medical production technologies such as:

    • Laser cutting
    • Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
    • Grinding and honing
    • Hypodermic needle manufacturing
    • Laser welding and marking
    • Metal/plastic tipping, pointing, forming and Coining
    • Metal stamping
    • Micro welding
    • Polishing and tumbling
    • Solvent welding and UV bonding
    • Ultrasonic cleaning and passivation
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Siliconizing

    In addition, plastic injection over molding is an in-house expertise that is regularly used to add value and increase the functionality of a metal device. Secondary operations such as electro polishing, passivation or metal washing operations are available to ensure your product meets its final specifications. Our engineering team continually challenges the limits of both the material and processing equipment to create highly complex configurations to meet our customer’s market requirements.

    You can find this technology at www.roechling-medical.com/lancaster.