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    Röchling Medical Waldachtal is able to process all popular thermoplastics for customers, including under clean-room conditions. The range of available services covers injection molding, extrusion and assembly as well as all necessary upstream and downstream process steps.

    • Over 70 injection molding machines (approx. 40 of which in the clean room) with central production data acquisition system
    • Locking forces between 60 kN and 4,200 kN
    • Injection molded parts each weighing between 1 g and 1,800 g thanks to micro-injection molding technology
    • Hard and soft part connectors incl. inserts as well as multi-component parts
    • Over 20 extrusion lines with an output capacity of up to 200 kg/h (2 of which in the clean room)
    •  Medical tubes with wall thicknesses from 0.2 mm and braidings with less than 0.1 mm.
    •  Profiles with wall thicknesses between 0.6 and 17 mm
    • Wide range of materials and colors, e.g. polyolefins, styrene polymerizates, reinforced and/or electroconductive plastics, PVC, PC, PETG, PVDF
    •  Co-extrusion
    • Inline finishing (punching, drilling, milling, laminating, film-wrapping, and marking)
    • In-house toolmaking and mold construction for ensuring that quality, process and time requirements are met
    • Maintenance, general overhaul, repair and correct storage of molds including with regard to medical technology requirements
    • Variable master mold concepts
    • Shift operations ensure high degree of flexibility
    • Use of cutting-edge printing technology for tool inserts and prototype tools with conformal cooling
    • 2,400 m² compliant with ISO 8
    • Complete process control with SAP ERP and central production data acquisition system
    • Full documentation of production parameters
    • Approx. 40 injection molding machines with locking forces of up to 4,200 kN
    • 2 extruders for the production of functional tubes for medical use
    • Complex assemblies
    • Laser marking
    • Validated processes
    • Comprehensive batch traceability